Ronald van der Vlught
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Welcome In the 70’s I started playing records in discotheques in Holland. In 1976 my first employer was “t Teejater” in Naaldwijk. For a couple of years I enjoyed working there and was quite successful with the music I played. Towards the end of 1978 I was approached by some acquaintances who were setting up an offshore radio station on the North sea. In 1979 I participated in their project called “Radio Delmare”. Unfortunately it didn’t succeed. Later on I had to admit that I just wasn’t ready to be on the radio. There was such a big difference with working in a discotheque, but the good thing is it taught me a lot, which is why I’m really cut out for radio work these days. Back in those days it was illegal to work for an offshore radio station which is why the dj’s had nicknames and aliases. I was the only one that didn’t have a nickname of alias yet. So one day while driving through The Hague I saw a name on a facade which said “van der Vlught”. That was going to be my name! I decided to keep my first name though. I would never have guessed that I would be associated to “Ronald van der Vlught” for more than 30 years! On this website you can read all about my life as a radio man and a producer. You can listen to several of my productions like “Soulful House Mixes”, listen to my radio program “Soul Train” and of course my radio station M4M Radio (The 100% Dance Station). You can also find photo material as well as links to interesting sites.