Ronald van der Vlught
Tracklist Soulful House Mix volume 9 1 Dalminjo Feat. Lenny Hamilton - Bring It Back (Main Mix) 2 Elements Of Life Feat. Lisa Fischer - Into My Life (Roots Mix) 3 Demarkus Lewis, Paige Sauce - What She Wanted (Club Mix) 4 Niko Schwind, Lil Magdalene - My Heart Is On Fire (Original Mix) 5 Giovanni Ikome, Frankie Foncett - Ak Roots Project (Original Mix) 6 Jevne, Robert Owens - Like Now (Havens & Hart Remix) 7 Marlon D, Kathy Brown - Believe In Yourself (Ibitaly Deep Mix) 8 Dave Mayer - Thinking Of You (Vocal Mix) 9 Pedro Duarte, Charmaine - My Only Love (Guido P Soul Mix) 10 Praxis, Kathy Brown  - Turn Me Out (Staffan Thorsell Remix) 11 Deepia - Bad Temptation (Silvia Zaragoza Remix) 12 Distant People, Nontu - Summer Time (Wayne Brown Remix)